perjantai 4. marraskuuta 2011

London calling

My trip to London in October 2011.

A nice van

British Museum

Bedford street

London style


Les Miserables, three of them

London Eye

London colours

The Big B

Be careful out there

A London statue

A London squirrel

Russel square

2 kommenttia:

Jess kirjoitti...

I love your picture of the squirrel, where did you take it?It wasn't St James's Park was it? There are some very trusting squirrels in St James's Park, although I'm always really worried that they're going to come up against the wrong person and get hurt.

One memorable occasion involving the squirrels at St James's Park was when one of them ran up my mum's leg. She thought it was a rat and screamed the place down. She's never been particularly keen on squirrels after that incident.

St James's is my favourite park in London but overall, my favourite place is Covent Garden. There's no better atmosphere to be found anywhere in the city. And if you can get there at Christmas, it's wonderful too. Last December, mum and I booked into London serviced apartments and spent the weekend in Covent Garden. And even though it was only a weekend, it's one of the best holidays I've had.

Heleija kirjoitti...

Thanks for your comment Jess! The park was Coram´s fields, near Russell square and those hospitals. The squirrels were different from Finnish squirrels, they were quite curious and came near.
I think it´s great to find these peaceful places in the middle of London city, it was my last day in London holiday, and I wanted to walk around parks.


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